The Creativity Box has been developed by Janet Sherwood. Janet grew up in Monk Bretton in South Yorkshire where the beautiful mixed landscapes of industrial (particularly mining) and countryside inspired her love of art from an early age.  During her Foundation Course in Art and Design at Barnsley School of Art she discovered a passion for textiles and successfully won a place at Winchester School of Art.  During this highly regarded University course Janet studied printed pattern, knit, weave and fashion in her first year and then chose to specialise in weave and knit.  Whilst at Art College Janet met her husband and they now have 2 children together; Charlie and Vicky.


JanA short while after leaving college Janet joined her husband to live in Trinidad in the West indies for 15 months.  During this period continued to develop her love of colour, pattern and the beautiful flora and fauna of Trinidad and Tobago.

On their return to the UK Janet created a portfolio of textile designs and was fortunate to sell a small collection to Habitat.  This success launched a freelancing career in printed textiles Janet has sold designs all over the world, these designs have been for many products, furnishing, bedlinen, wallpaper, tabletop, bathroom, ceramics, rugs, vinyl including companies such as John Lewis, Dorma, SchumacherM & S, Rectella, Culp and Skopos.

Soem of the brands Janet Sherwood from Creativity Box has worked with

Whilst freelancing Janet exhibited regularly at the following international and national trade fairs Frankfurt, Heimtextil, New York Surtex, Brussells Decosit, Lille Indigo and Home Interiors in London.   At Heimtextil Janet was approached to work as a visiting lecturer at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University where Janet lectured part time for nine years, being responsible for drawing projects, surface design projects, fashion and furnishing.

Janet enjoyed encouraging the students to think and imparting her knowledge of design. She enjoyed watching the students gain confidence and skills and to seeing them flourish.

It was also whilst lecturing that Janet realised the importance of Computer Aided Design and began designing printed fashion designs which were sold through the fashion Design Studio Mint and launched her own furnishing collection from her
website Janet

At a personal crossroads Janet decided that she wanted to teach younger students and gained Studio 1gained a teaching qualification as a Design Technology teacher and taught at Henry BeaufortBrighton Hill Community College and Amery Hill

However, whilst teaching is so rewarding Janet found it left her little time for her own creative outlet and now her children are older she is returning to focus on creating her own designs here at Creativity Box, whilst running workshops to inspire and help others develop their skills.

Janet does have a small studio at home and this is mainly used for designing on the computer, but tends to draw and paint in the kitchen, dining room and sometimes outdoors.  She has always been inspired by nature and organic form and uses photography as well as sketching as a means of gathering reference material. She loves the different landscapes and light; mountains, moorland, sea, forests, farmland, animals, birds, sea life, rivers, buildings.  Janet often finds inspiration in walking, visiting art galleries,cooking, gardening and sailing has a small sailing boat which she keeps on the coast near Lymington for use each summer.